tradeplan-No OTC stock is worth the money you put into them, when you buy.  It doesn’t matter what the buy reason is.  OTC/pink companies release what ever information they want ,  that they believe will help them sell shares.  They disclose un-audited filings, to pinksheets, or, the OTC.  They do NOT inform the public of all pertinent information required by SEC listed rules.  Not only can’t you find information needed for logical purchase decisions,  but, the information you read can’t be trusted as accurate.  That’s why one should not invest long in non- listed companies.  They are operating in the lawless wild west.  What matters in all OTC stocks, is that their stock price rises and falls.  The price is what should be traded, and nothing else.

-Authorized Shares, has no bearing on the price.  The “Shares Authorized”, is not used in any fundamental of financial calculation, to determine company value.  The “Number of shareholders listed”, has nothing to do with any form of calculating value.  As long as the stock trades, don’t be concerned with a DTCC “chill “.

-Don’t be concerned with the stock being a “pump and dump”. Buy before the pump, and sell before the dump.  Don’t be concerned that the company doesn’t create profits.  Don’t be concerned that the stock isn’t worth anything, no OTC stock is.

-Don’t be concerned with what the company owns on paper, paper doesn’t mean a thing.  PR stories have NO value, and OTC companies only have two things, stock for sale and stories of progress.  There is no value, when money is changing hands.  In a manipulated run, the run is worth more then the company.Many OTC companies don’t have as much cash, as you personally trade in them.  The OTC process, is to trade the stock sales, and react to retails belief in the stories.

-Message board discussion is not DD research.  It’s opinions on why they see value,  and it’s clutter that helps others make poor buy and hold decisions,  based on value which doesn’t ever exist.  Finding an OTC company with assets, cash, and gains, equaling value, is as rare as finding a two headed snake.

-Trading “pennyland” stock is simple  Buy some before the breakout starts, sell before the retrace starts, be glad to sell at some higher level than what you bought at, and then move on to the next one!

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